Architectural Guidelines

The following items are guidelines used by the Architectural Review Board to approve changes to units. Any changes need a request for change submitted either through the homeowner portal at Campbell property Management or on the forms page of this website.

Fence Restrictions

  • Fences may be installed only around a hardscape area such as a patio, pool, or lanai.
  •  No grass areas may be inside the fenced area.
  • Constructed of aluminum and black color.
  • Height of four feet with squared spindles of an uncomplicated design.
  • Finials may be approved and will be of an uncomplicated design.

Screen Enclosures

  • Approved for use to enclose a patio, lanai, or pool area.
  • Only enclosed for a hard scape area.
  • No grass inside the enclosure.

Window Replacement

  • Replaced windows will be like the original windows.
  • Double or single hung.
  • Bronze frame.
  • Glass color will be the same as currently used in windows in the community.

Privacy Glass

  • Privacy glass in windows is restricted to bathroom windows or the side panel on the front door. Privacy glass will not be white. It can be obscured using rain, mist, wavy, or similar pattern.

Sliding Glass Door

  • Sliding glass doors can be replaced with the same style, French doors, or a picture window fitting into the approximate same space. Frames may be bronze or white. Picture windows can be with or without sliders and screens.

Front Door

  • Doors will be either raised 8 or 6 panels.
  • Glass inserts may be approved but will not be more than 50% of the door.
  • Garage Door
  • Raised panel of the style currently in the community


  • Awnings must be approved using an Architectural Change Request.
  • They are not allowed in the front of the house.
  • Approved colors are dark brown, tan, or light grey.

Roof tarps

  • Temporary roof tarps will be brown.

The original roof tiles were discontinued in 2020. We are now using a tile made by Boral. “Saxony 900 Split Slate Coconut-White Antique“. Please click here to view the new roof tiles.

HOUSE PAINT: Benjamin Moore:
Purchase paint at Color Counselors in Lighthouse Point. 954-941-6257 or other stores that mix custom paint (like Home Depot) using the codes listed below.

    • Garage Door and Front Door– Indigo Batik SW7602
    • House Body– Knitting Needles SW7672
    • Trim – Pearly White SW7009
    • Brick Façade– Perfect Greige SW6073

DRIVEWAY COLORS: Sherwin-Williams:
Purchase paint at any Sherwin-Williams location.

  • H&C COLORTOP Solvent-Based Solid Color Concrete Sealer; Sandstone (HC157)

Items can be found at online retailers or locally ordered through Eagle Lighting. 954-725-7988: