Deerfield Beach, FL
c/o Campbell Property Management
Phone: (954) 427-8770
Board Email:
Property Manager: Steve Russo

Please click here to view an important message from the board regarding our Lighting Project.

The roof tiles that we have been using since our homes have been built have been discontinued, so we have selected and approved a new roof tile to be used going forward when a resident is going to replace their roof.  Please click here to view the new roof tiles. The tile is manufactured by Boral (the same company that supplied the original tile) and it is called “Saxony 900 Split Slate Coconut-White Antique”.

Please click here to order a new front door light which matches the new lights being installed in the community.

Please click here to read the 2021 Community Letter from the Townehomes Board of Directors.

Please see the News tab to review the latest News affecting our community.

President’s Message
A community is a society of persons co-existing in the same locality with common laws and interests. Participation, sensitivity, and fellowship are qualities that we should all strive to employ. Be positive, adopt an optimistic attitude and share your point of view with civility and courtesy.

Board of Directors
• Rich Soviero – President – Email:
• Scott Marks – Vice President/ Secretary – Email:
• Ed Lynch – Treasurer – Email:
• Nancy Taylor – Director
• Ann Marie Bryson – Director

Fining Committee:
• Mary Anne Phillips
• Lucia “Christine” Delgenio

Board Meetings
Board Meetings are held at the Lakes Clubhouse on the third Thursday of each month at 7pm. During the pandemic, we will be holding meetings via ZOOM Conference. Owners are encouraged to attend. A reminder notice and instructions are posted on the bulletin board at each mailbox location.

Here is a list of Board Meetings Scheduled for 2021:

Thurs Jan 21 at 7pm
Thurs Feb 18 at 7pm
Thurs Mar 18 at 7pm
Thurs Apr 15 at 7pm
Thurs May 20 at 7pm
Thurs Jun 17 at 7pm
Thurs July 15 at 7pm
Thurs Aug 19 at 7pm
Thurs Sep 16 at 7pm
Thurs Oct 21 at 7pm
Thurs Nov 18 at 7pm
Thurs Dec 16 at 7pm